Training of government officials in public procurement was started by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) under a 3 years World Bank Capacity Building Project in 2006. These training activities were formalized through the establishment of National Institute of Procurement in 2009.

This Institute has been equipped with modern facilities and can accommodate around 20 participants at a time. Regular interactive training programs on Public Procurement Rules and Procedures are organized on fortnightly basis. PPRA conducts training courses and practical sessions for capacity building of public sector as well as private sector executives and officials. The focus of training programs is dissemination of Public Procurement Rules 2004 and procedures pertaining to modern business of procurement. NIP, within its legal framework in the form of PPRA Ordinance 2002,

Public Procurement Rules 2004 and the PPRA Regulations, will play a pivotal role in the achievement of excellence in governmental and institutional procurement through education, certification and professional development of procurement professionals.




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