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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited

Address ST-4/B, Block 14, Sir Shah Suleman Road Gulahan-e-Iqbal
City Karachi
Tel No. 021-99013074
Fax No. 021-99231583
Receipt No 157417
Tender No DISPOSAL NOTICE # 21221
Description OPEN AUCTION OF RETIRED VEHICLES, RETIRED ASSETS AND SCRAP MATERIAL ON 08th JANUARY 2022 AUCTION VENUE: Stores Department, Karachi Terminal, Abul-Hassan Isphani Road, Off University Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. 01 Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, (SSGCL) will hold open auction of Retired Vehicles, Retired Assets and Scrap Material on 08th January 2022 on ?As is where is? lot wise basis as per list mentioned below:- S.NO MAKE QTY 01 SUZUKI PICK-UPs 10 02 MITSUBISHI PICK-UPs 03 03 SUZUKI HI-ROOFs 03 04 NISSAN PICK-UP 01 05 KIA SPORTAGE JEEPs 04 06 SUZUKI POTOHAR JEEPs 03 07 SUZUKI CULTUS CARs 12 08 TOYOTA PICK-UPs 04 09 TOYOTA COROLLA CARs 05 10 HONDA CIVIC CAR 01 11 MITSUBISHI HIACE VANs 02 12 NISSAN TRUCK 01 13 HINO TRUCK 01 14 TOYOTA FROCK LIFTER 01 15 TOYOTA HIACE VANs 02 16 SUZUKI JIMNY JEEP 01 17 GENERATORS ONE LOT 18 SIEMENS TRANSFORMER RECTIFIER (500 KVA) ONE LOT 19 AIR COMPRESSORS ONE LOT 20 KATO CRANE (SCRAP ) ONE LOT 21 WELDING PLANTS ONE LOT 22 MONITORs, CPUs, PRINTERs, FAX MACINEs, GAS ROOM HEATERs, CONTROL VALVES, GYESERSs, ELECTRIC WATER COOLERs, CUTTING MACHINE,MOBILE PHONEs, HAND HELD COMPUTERs ETC. ONE LOT 23 TYRES, TUBES ,BATTERIES ,USED OIL, SERVICE VALVE, REGULATORS, COUPLING, METER LOCKS, SILVER BRUSHING,WOODEN SCRAP,PLASTIC ETC. ONE LOT 24 LOWERING BELT, LPG VAPORIZE, GMC INTERNAT CLAMP, BPS PILLING SHEET HAMMER, CRC INTERNAL CLAMP,S PLIT A/Cs, WINDOW A/Cs , ELECTRIC WATERCOOLER ,BANCOTs, DEEPFREEZERs, TRANSFORMERs, REFRIGERATORs, PEDISTEL FANs, ROOM HEATERs, STABLIZERs, TOWER, SOLAR MODULEs, ETC. ONE LOT 25 TYRES,TUBES,BATTERIES,EMPTY DRUMS,WOODEN SCRAP,BLACK OIL,STEEL WIRE ROPE,AIR FILLTER,CYLINDERS,IRON SCRAP ETC. ONE LOT 02 Interested bidders can obtain Auction document from Disposal Section, Stores Department, Karachi Terminal, Abul Hassan Isphani Road, Off University Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal- Karachi, on any working day between 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM from 01.12.2021 to 31.12.2021 upon submission of following as MANDATORY requirement. 2.1: Rs. 1100/= (Tender fee + SST) ? Non Refundable Pay order in favor of Sui Southern Gas Company. 2.2: Two passport size recent color photographs and Two CNIC copies of the Tender purchaser. 2.3: In case of company copies of valid NTN/GST certificates served under cover of company?s letter head notifying there in the Nomination of representative, copies of valid CNIC and photograph (Passport Size) of the nominee. 03 Participants shall be responsible to verify particulars/documents of the vehicles with excise and Taxation/ other Government departments at their own risk and cost and SSGC will not bear any responsibility in this regard (whatsoever) at any stage before and after the auction. 04 Bidders are advised to bring issued copy of Tender (Disposal.No.21221) during inspection of retired vehicles, retired assets and scrap material where the lots are presently kept (as mentioned in the tender document) on 04th January 2022 at KT Store, F-37 Store & on 05th January 2022 at Khadeji Store during the working hours at their own risk and cost bearing no responsibility on SSGC in this regard whatsoever. 05 Entry time for bidder(s) on Auction day will start from 0900 AM (sharp), therefore Bidders are advised to ensure the inspection of Retired Vehicle and Scrap Materials before the auction at the notified time, date and venue. 06 Chairman Auction Committee will reserve and may exercise his right to start the Auction Proceedings with any sequence at prescribed time (or otherwise) as may be deemed appropriate. 07 Total Quantity of Material/Lot defined (wherever applicable) are included in the tender document. 08 In case of any query please contact Disposal Section Stores Department SSGC at Tel: 021-99261226.
Remarks Documents can be obtained from Disposal Section, Stores Dept
Advertisement Date 25/11/2021
Closing Date 8/1/2022
Closing Time 9:00:00 AM
Opening Time 9:30:00 AM
Tender Documents No Attachment
Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money N/A
Bid Validity N/A
Bid/Tender Document Cost
Remarks Documents can be obtained from Disposal Section, Stores Dept