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National Database and Registration Authority NADRA

Address NADRA, Peshawar Provincial HQ
City Peshawar
Tel No. 091-9217840 ext:108
Fax No. 091-9217850
Receipt No 151243
Tender No RHO/Pesh/Proc/Auction/2020-21
Description 1. Open Auction of the following 18 x used/unserviceable items on the basis of ?as and where it is? will be held at NADRA Store/Plot at Ring Road, Near Achinee Chowk, towards Wadan CNG, Peshawar. The detail of actionable items are as under:- Sr# Item Name Unit Total Qty Sr# Item Name Unit Total Qty 1 CPU No 533 10 Thermal Printer No 23 2 Monitor No 86 11 Server No 20 3 Form Printer No 86 12 Laptop No 15 4 Form Scanner No 28 13 Standing Photocopier No 1 5 Network Switch No 35 14 Small Photocopier Machine No 2 6 Token Printer No 82 15 Television No 2 7 Camera No 43 16 Miscellaneous Lot#1 Misc. 22 Items 8 LCD KG 226 17 Miscellaneous Lot#2 Misc. 15 Items 9 Signature Scanner No 71 18 Miscellaneous Lot#3 Misc. 3 Items 2. Registration fee of Tender documents having terms & conditions @ Rs. 1000 (Non Refundable) along with CDR of Rs. 50,000 must be submitted to Procurement section on or before 6th May 2021 at 1100 HRS. Open auction activity will be held on 6th May 2021 at 1130 HRS at NADRA store/plot. Only registered and active tax payers bidders will be allowed to participate. 3. Items can be checked/inspected on working days during office hours from 21st April, 2021 to 3rd May, 2021. 4. The successful bidder will be responsible to clear all expenses within 72 HRS after order from this RHO. 5. The contractor will be responsible to bear all expenses of labor, carriage, weightage of Auctionable items and all applicable taxes. 6. The above mentioned quantity may increase or decrease as per physical existence. 7. Tender is also available on PPRA Website: - WWW.PPRA.ORG.PK 8. Competent Authority reserves the right to accept/reject, any/all offers as per the clause 33 of PPRA Rules. DEPUTY DIRECTOR (ADMINISTRATION) NADRA REGIONAL HEAD OFFICE, PESHAWAR EOBI BUILDING PHASE 5, HAYATABAD PESHAWAR PHONE # 091-9217840-41  
Remarks Open Auction of 18 x Items
Advertisement Date 19/4/2021
Closing Date 6/5/2021
Closing Time 11:00:00 AM
Opening Time 11:30:00 AM
Tender Documents
Estimated Cost 2,200,000
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 50,000 (PKR)
Bid Validity
Bid/Tender Document Cost
Remarks Open Auction of 18 x Items