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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

Address MD APF PAC Kamra Distt Attock c/o Dir Log APF (JF-17)
City Attock
Tel No. 051-90996564
Fax No. 057-9317476
Receipt No 145274
Tender No APF/786-A/1921/13/LP/PC-19(2020-21)
Description Directorate of Logistics APF (JF-17) PAC Kamra Short Tender Notice Tender No APF/786-A/1921/13/LP/PC-19 (2020-2021) (Local Purchase) Miscellaneous Items Required. 1)Quotation must be submitted on FOR Kamra basis only. 2)Separate Quotations must be submitted Part Case wise. 3)Payment will be made as per PAC Board procedure. 4)The detail of item can also be download from website or can be obtained from Dte of Logistics APF (JF-17) LP Section (Telephone No. 051-909906598 or 051-909906592). Bidding documents are also available in PAC website 5) Separate Technical quotation and Commercial quotation for each category must be deposited as follows:- (a) Date of submission of tender before 1130 Hrs on 28-10-2020. DELIVERY OF TENDER. (a)Technical Offer: It shall contain all relevant specifications in a separate envelope and clearly marked Technical Offer without prices, tender number and date of opening. (b)Commercial Offer: It shall indicate prices quoted in figures as well as in words, along with essential literature / brochure and clearly marked on face of a separate envelope Commercial Offer with prices, tender number and date of OPENING. (c) Both the Envelopes of Commercial and Technical offers should be enclosed in one cover, properly sealed and bear the address of Directorate of Logistics APF (JF-17) PAC Kamra with tender number and opening date. (d)Both Technical and Commercial offer will be opened on the due time and date. Note: Past performance of the firms may be considered.
Remarks Local Purchase APF(JF-17)
Advertisement Date 16/10/2020
Closing Date 28/10/2020
Closing Time 11:30:00 AM
Opening Time 12:00:00 PM
Tender Documents
Estimated Cost 0
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 5%
Bid Validity 120 Days
Bid/Tender Document Cost
Remarks Local Purchase APF(JF-17)