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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

Address Directorate of Logistics Aircraft Rebuild Factory
City Kamra
Tel No. 05190992298
Fax No. 0519225500
Receipt No 135794
Tender No ARF/PROV-010/2019-20
Description 1. Sealed tenders are invited from sales tax registered firms for supply of following stores:- S No. Tender No. DESCRIPTION QTY DETAILS (a) ARF/PROV-010/ 2019-20 Procurement of 02 Ton Split Type Air Conditioners 14 Technical specification at last page Suppliers can contact through telephone No. 051-90990 Ext 2260 or 2142 during working hours regarding any query. 2. There should be no mixing of rates and quotations (Technical quotations with Commercial quotations). More than one quotations in one envelop will be rejected. 3. Technical Offer: Technical offers should be without prices and contain all relevant essential specification along with literatures / brochures. Tender number, date of opening and word (Technical offer) should be clearly marked on the face of envelopes. 4. Commercial Offer: Commercial offers should indicate prices of quoted items and confirmation to the terms and condition of our tender inquiry. Tender No. and words ?Commercial offer? be marked on the face of envelope. 5. Bid Money/Earnest Money: The Earnest money @ 5% (not exceeding 0.150 M) will be deposited by all firms irrespective of registration status in favour of Managing Director ARF in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order at the time of opening tenders in, separate envelope. Earnest money will remain deposited till the finalization of commercial quotes. It will be returned to unsuccessful bidders immediately after finalization of commercial quotes and on receipt of Performance Band Guarantee acceptance from CMA (DP) Rwp, to the contractor signing the contract. Quotation without earnest money will be rejected. 6. Both the envelopes of Technical and Commercial offers should be enclosed in one cover properly sealed and bear the following address of this office with tender number and opening date:- Director Logistics Aircraft Rebuild Factory Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra - Distt. Attock
Advertisement Date 6/1/2020
Closing Date 13/1/2020
Closing Time 10:30:00 AM
Opening Time 11:00:00 AM
Tender Documents
Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 5
Bid Validity 30/06/2020
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