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Organization Name

National Database and Registration Authority NADRA

Address NADRA, Peshawar Provincial HQ
City Peshawar
Tel No. 091-9217840 ext:108
Fax No. 091-9217850
Receipt No 134670
Tender No RHO/Pesh/Proc/Auction/2019-20
Description 1. Auction of the following 32 x used items on the basis of ?as and where it is? will be held at NADRA Store/Plot at Ring Road, Near Achinee Chowk, towards Wadan CNG, Peshawar. The detail of auctionable items are as under:- Sr# Item Name Unit Total Qty Sr# Item Name Unit Total Qty 1 Air Cooler (Iron) No 28 15 Stools No 24 2 Air Cooler (Plastic) No 15 16 Tube Patti 4 x ft No 130 3 Alino Light Frame No 114 17 Visitor Chair No 87 4 Lister Petter Generators No 124 18 Waiting Bench No 217 5 Bracket Fans No 45 19 Wheel Chairs No 7 6 Computer Table No 144 20 Type Writer No 4 7 Electric Water Cooler No 27 21 AC Indoor No 46 8 Iron KG - 22 AC Outdoor No 51 9 Mega Phone No 2 23 Heater (Gas) No 12 10 Office Chair No 54 24 Heater (Electric) No 4 11 Sofa-Single No 65 25 Wooden Visitor Chair No 8 12 Stabilizer No 4 26 Plastic Visitor Chair No 36 13 Steel Safe Large size No 1 27 TV No 1 Small size No 1 28 Blower No 4 14 Steel Almirah 6*2.5 ft No 4 29 Ceiling Fans No 34 4*2.5 ft No 1 30 Wooden Sheets KG - 4*2 ft No 4 31 Computer Chairs No 962 3*1.5 ft No 1 32 Water Dispenser No 10 2. Bid documents with complete detailed terms and conditions can be collected from procurement section of this Regional Head office on submission of written request alongwith payment of bid document fee of Rs. 1,000/- (Non Refundable) on working days during office hours from 0900 hours to 0500 hours from the date of publication of this advertisement. 3. Sealed bids, must be submitted alongwith pay order of Rs. 50,000 as earnest money in favor of DG NADRA RHO Peshawar and must reach at below mentioned address on or before 29th November, 2019 at 1100 hours. Bids will be opened on the same day at 1130 hours in the presence of contractors/bidders or their authorized representatives. 4. Items can be checked/inspected on working days during office hours from 14th November, 2019 to 29th November, 2019. 5. Pre-bid meeting will be held on 27th November, 2019 at 1100 hours. 6. The successful bidder will be responsible to clear all expenses within one week. 7. The contractor will be responsible to bear all expenses of labor, carriage, weightage and applicable government taxes. 8. Tender is also available on PPRA Website: - WWW.PPRA.ORG.PK 9. Competent Authority reserves the right to accept/reject,any/all offers as per the clause 33 of PPRA rules. DEPUTY DIRECTOR (ADMINISTRATION) NADRA REGIONAL HEAD OFFICE, PESHAWAR
Remarks Auction of NADRA Un-Serviceable/Scraped Items
Advertisement Date 15/11/2019
Closing Date 29/11/2019
Closing Time 11:00:00 AM
Opening Time 11:30:00 AM
Tender Documents
Estimated Cost 1000000
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 2%
Bid Validity 90 days
Bid/Tender Document Cost
Remarks Auction of NADRA Un-Serviceable/Scraped Items