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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited

Address SSGC GTI Building, Karachi Terminal Opp Safari Park Main University Road
City Karachi
Tel No. 021-99243435
Fax No. 021-99243436
Receipt No 130646
Tender No SLL/290
Description With reference to press tender advertisement appeared in Daily Dawn and Express (Urdu) on 03.07.2019 for Tender enquiry No. SLL/290,Supply of LPG on C&F Basis.Please amend to read as under:Parcel Size (MT) to be read as 3000 +/- 15% M.Ton? However, bidder can supply in 2 parcels 1500 +/- 15% M.Ton each.If confirmed Letter of Credit is required, then confirmation charges will be on SSGC LPGs account. (Clause 22.1of General Terms & Conditions of tender.PPRA Rule no. 30 will be followed for Evaluation of bids. For evaluation purpose common currency will be PKR.Bidder should submit bid in only one currency. Same bid submitted in two different currencies will not be acceptable. Please note that the corrigendum is also published in daily dawn & express Urdu on 25-9-2019.Note: 1.Tender Documents contain detailed Terms & Conditions method of procurement,procedure for submission of bids, bid validity, opening of bid, rejection of bids etc.2.Other tender terms published in original advertisement 03.07.2019 will remain unchanged. 1.Tender Documents contains detailed Terms & Conditions, method of procurement, procedure for submission of bids, bid validity, opening of bid, evaluation criteria, rejection of bids etc. 2-Tender documents can be obtained from SSGC LPG H.O., SSGC GTI Building, Karachi Terminal, Opposite Safari Park Main University Road, Karachi from Monday through Friday between 0900 Hrs. to 1600 Hrs.3- Bid / offer(s) in sealed envelope distinctly marked with Tender enquiry No. must be submitted on or before the date, time and address mentioned above.4-Bids will be opened publicly 30 minutes after bid submission time at address mentioned below. In case the bid opening date falls on holiday, bids will be opened on the next working day at the same time in the presence of bidders or their authorize representatives who may intend to attend.5- SSGC LPG (Pvt.) Limited reserves the right to reject all bids or proposals and cancel the bidding process before accepting of bids or proposals.
Remarks Corrigendum
Advertisement Date 3/10/2019
Closing Date 2/1/2020
Closing Time 3:00:00 PM
Opening Time 3:30:00 PM
Tender Documents No Attachment
Estimated Cost
Tender Nature Internatinal
Earnest Money
Bid Validity 20 days
Bid/Tender Document Cost
Remarks Corrigendum