Amendments in Public Procurement Rules -2004

Continuous process for evaluation of existing Procurement Laws and accomplishment of Procurement Regulatory Framework is in process. In this regard, Federal Government is pleased to make few amendments in Public Procurement Rules- 2004 based on evaluation and recommendations of the Authority vide SRO. 442(I)/2020 dated 15th May, 2020. For Consolidated (amended) version of Public Procurement Rules click on link below:

    Public Procurement Rules, 2004 (as amended up to 15th May, 2020)

Procurement Regulations are in the process of drafting to further elaborate the regulatory requirements, in addition to development of Regulatory Guides (RGs) and Procurement Guidelines for effective implementation of Rules & Regulations.

Orientations sessions for Ministries and divisions shall be organized soon for better understanding of the Procurement Regulatory Framework.


Director General