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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

Address Directorate of Logistics Aircraft Rebuild Factory
City Kamra
Tel No. 05190992298
Fax No. 0519225500
Receipt No 126704
Tender No ARF/1169/T/PC-17/LOG
Description 1. Quotations will be opened on 08 April, 2019 at 11:00 Hrs by the committee in the presence of the interested bidders, or their authorized representatives. 2. Quotation must be typed. Hand written / Conditional quotation will not be accepted. 3. Separate sealed technical quotes and Commercial quotes both must be deposited in 2 separate envelopes clearly marked with category. Rates should be quoted both in words and figures clearly at commercial quotes with unit price. There should be no mixing of rates and quotations (Technical quotations with Commercial quotations). More than one quotation in one envelop will be rejected. 5. Income tax, sales tax and professional tax certificates duly attested by the concerned authority must be attached with quotations. 6. All the rates must be valid till 30 June, 2019 otherwise quotation will not be entertained. Besides, offered rates in commercial quotes should be marked without GST. Taxes will be imposed as per Govt policies and directives issued from time to time. 7. In case of chemicals COC (Certificate of Conformance), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) has to be provided along with commercial quote and material must bear a minimum of 02 Years life expiry period. 8. The bidder must have a branch office with valid Telephone and fax facility. 9. Sample where applicable has to be provided by the firm for technical vetting. 10. Category wise list is available in the office of O i/c Local Purchase and can be collected during working days from 0900-1200 hours. Besides, any clarification (if required) pertaining to specifications / terms & Conditions can be sort at Tel 051-9099000 Ext 2442. 11. The quantities as mentioned in the lists are tentative and may vary (increase or decrease) with respect to the requirement at the time of placement of Purchase Order. 12. The procuring agency may reject all bids/proposals or bid/proposal pertaining to a specific supplier at any time prior to tender opening. The procuring agency upon request of supplier / Vendor / Contractor will communicate the reason for rejection of quotations. 13. All payments against delivery of stores will be made through cheque only. 14. Tenders are to be addressed to Director Logistics, Aircraft Rebuild Factory PAC Kamra. Tenders received through fax shall not be accepted. 15. Firms not registered with PAC Board are required to deposit 5% earnest money along with the quotation. 16. Delivery must be made within stipulated delivery period as per quotation after receipt of purchase order. 17. Firm should be on ATL of FBR and will provide proof with quotation. Order should be placed and subsequently payment would be released to the firm which is on ATL of FBR
Advertisement Date 21/3/2019
Closing Date 8/4/2019
Closing Time 10:30:00 AM
Opening Time 11:00:00 AM
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Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 05
Bid Validity 30/06/2019
Bidding/Tender Document Cost